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DJI 900mHz Data Link Ground Station

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DJI offers 2.4Ghz and 900MHz datalink to achieve long-range two-way communication. The datalink maximum distance is up to 15km. The ground end also link with USB power supply that is convenient for outdoor using. The wireless module uses FHSS technology which is verified by FCC and CE certification, DJI datalink has many advantages such as: high data rate, stable performance, strong anti-interference capability, and long communication distance. The 2.4GHz datalink’s power consumption is 550mw and 900MHz datalink 1.5W, which is big advantage for long-distance flight mission.
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As a Ground Control Station (GCS), WKM Single Waypoint enables DJI autopilot system WKM the ability to monitor real-time flight state. It is an advanced feature of WKM. Including 3D map, monitor attitude, coordinate, speed and angle of aircraft, monitor signal quality of wireless data link module and power voltage for you. It is specially designed for high-end WKM users and brings you more exciting flight experience.

The entire ground control system combines GPS 6DOF inertial measurement unit, magnetometer, pressure altimeter sensors to optimize robustness of algorithms and robotic control logics. Ground control system utilizes advance GPS/INS proprietary algorithm technology in the entire design. Even in adverse condition, high vibration and high demand environment, the helicopter maintains flight stability accurately to ensure mission success rate.


Ground Station equipped with intelligent adaptive system. During abnormal signal lose , the system will adjust to environment to activate failsafe appropriately. The aircraft will implement the mission and complete the default route mission automatically, even when datalink signal lost.

When user use manual mode, the aircraft will keep hover when RC signal lost. But after 10S, if the signal didn’t come back, the aircraft will find the take-off point precisely and come back to take-off point with safest route and height . Then the aircraft will hovering over the take-off point automatically after its activate point. This function offers the intelligent security protection for user’s expensive aerial equipment. In addition, the user can always click the return button, the system will interrupt the current mission immediately to order the aircraft to back the take off point .


Operator can either use keyboard or joystick with ground station system to control the helicopter movements and attitude via DJI data link. Manual mode can be applied when out of radio (transmitter) signal range by using either keyboard or joystick for control. This provision/feature allows control when the radio (transmitter) stopped working after mission started


lick on any point on a 3D map, aircraft can achieve the coordinates point automatically, particularly suited to some routes cannot be set in advance. Flight altitude and flight speed can also be adjusted rapidly and accurately according the change of data and waypoints when user have to change the target and flight mission.

DJI emphases the principle of user friendliness in all designs, the ground station offers 3D graphic interface, a breakthrough from traditional UAV system with ease of installation, less complexity and ease of operation in comparison to others in the market. DJI ground station control can save time, improve operation efficiency, ease mission planning supporting flexible and intelligent way for any mission.

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