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LaTrax Alias Quad-Rotor Helicopter

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Quad Rotor Flight Re-imagined, More Powerful, More Durable, More Fun!

- 2.4GHz radio system
- Quad-rotor thrust with auto-leveling 6-axis flight system
- Four high-output motors
- High-tech molded frame
- Integrated bright, colorful LEDs
- High-capacity 650mAh LiPo battery
- USB-powered battery charger
- Multiple patents pending
99,95 €

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Alias is a clean-sheet design that focuses on the performance and design elements that make flying and even learning to fly, fun. The first mission objective was durability. Alias is built around a unique molded-composite frame that is combined with clever high-tech construction to make it extremely light and virtually indestructible. Your flying fun goes on and on without worrying about breakage from crash damage. The next mission was performance. Fun always comes from having more power so Alias' motors have 50% more power than standard motors and when combined with the lightweight design and high-tech materials, Alias is lightning quick and ultra-responsive. A completely new flight control system was developed that provides unmatched 6-axis stability that works in the background without impacting performance and speed. It acts like a virtual spring that snaps Alias back to level controlled flight no matter what situation you find yourself in. New pilots can fly faster and perform aerobatic maneuvers sooner than they ever thought possible with Alias' unique flight control system. Alias is uniquely engineered to satisfy the needs of both new pilots who want to experience the fun of flying and experienced pilots who want a fun and relaxing way to sharpen their skills. Thoughtful design touches abound including the telemetry powered battery fuel gauge that provides visual and audible alerts when it's time to recharge the flight battery. Technology is utilized the right way to enhance performance, maximize durability, increase flight time and make Alias easy to fly. Alias model 6608 comes fully assembled and ready-to-fly in one of 4 fun colors. Included are a 650mAh LiPo flight battery, a high-output USB fast charger and four AAA batteries for the transmitter.

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